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Red Fox

Red Fox

We had just begun hiking up Tunnel Mountain outside Banff when someone passing us on the trail said "Keep a look out. There's a fox up there". Quickly and quietly, I pulled the camera out and sure enough a cute little red fox appeared out of the underbrush just off the trail. The last remnants of the winter coat still remain even though it was the middle of June. After a quick scratch on the dead tree branches seen at the bottom of the frame, the fox zipped back up the mountain and was gone.

Capture the beauty and grace of the elusive Red Fox with this stunning photographic print. With its fiery red coat and bushy tail, this creature is a symbol of cunning and adaptability in the wild. This image showcases the fox's playful and curious nature as it explores its surroundings. Display this print in your home or office to add a touch of wilderness and wonder to any space.

  • Framing

    Orders in the Edmonton area can be framed by me prior to delivery for an added cost. Please contact me and we can discuss details. Due to shipping constraints, frames are not available for orders outside Edmonton.

  • Sizes

    The recommended size for this print is 12x18. Different aspect ratios may result in cropping.

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