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Show and Tell

Today, I will do a little show and tell. I'd like to show my two cameras and talk briefly about them.

First, we have my Pentax K-S2. This is a crop sensor entry level digital SLR. When I first started getting serious about photography, I used a Pentax K-50. Sadly, that camera was stolen a few years ago. So, I bought this one to replace it. Currently, it has a Pentax 55-300mm zoom lens mounted. For a starter camera, this was a great way to learn and practice my skills. On many of the hikes over the last few years, I would bring this camera with a few different lenses. It got a bit frustrating missing shots because I had the wrong lens and couldn't switch in time. I had also been thinking I would like to upgrade to a full frame camera.

Enter the Sony α7 ii. I did some research on full frame camera options. I came across so many reviews saying how good the Sony mirrorless cameras are. As luck would have it there was a sale at McBain Camera, so I went for it. It came with a 28-70mm Sony lens. The first few photos helped solidify the choice. I found I no longer needed to crank up the saturation and manually set the white balance every time. The most suprising thing that took some getting used to is that there is no visible light meter. Because there is no mirror, what you see on the back screen preview is exactly what the sensor is seeing. As you adjust ISO, aperture, shutter speed, you can see the changes in real time and judge for yourself if the exposure is right. These days when I go back to the Pentax and the preview through the viewfinder doesn't change while I'm twiddling the dials, it feels weird. These days, the vast majority of my shots are taken with the Sony. Although, I still keep the Pentax around for the zoom lens.

PS. I took both of these "glamour" shots with my Pixel 6. I'm constantly impressed by this phone camera, especially in low light. If you have one, be sure to check out the Night Mode and Astrophotography Mode. It seems to do exposure stacking and star alignment!

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