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Squirrel and Cone

Squirrel and Cone

There is a squirrel that runs up and down along the top of the fence in my backyard. If he sees me, he picks up the pace and runs even faster to get to his hiding spot. I had taken to bringing my chair out to the back for a better view of the bird feeders. When I went to take a closer look at the tree in the corner of the yard, I could see a bit of movement along the top of the fence through the branches. I got the camera ready and out popped the squirrel. He promptly froze in place when he saw me then darted away into the trees. 

  • Framing

    Orders in the Edmonton area can be framed by me prior to delivery for an added cost. Please contact me and we can discuss details. Due to shipping constraints, frames are not available for orders outside Edmonton.

  • Sizes

    The recommended size for this print is 12x16. Different aspect ratios may result in cropping.

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