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Slocan Lake Campfire

Slocan Lake Campfire

Slocan Lake is off the beaten track in the central Kootenay mountain range. After sunset, we lit a campfire. It took a few tries to prod the coals to get the sparks to fly in just the right way for the camera. I like how they trace long curly lines in the air above the fire.


This is another excellent example of a high dynamic range (HDR) image. The final image is a composite of several exposures to get the detail in both the bright fire and the dark mountain side. 

  • Framing

    Orders in the Edmonton area can be framed by me prior to delivery for an added cost. Please contact me and we can discuss details. Due to shipping constraints, frames are not available for orders outside Edmonton.

  • Sizes

    The recommended size for this print is 11x16. Different aspect ratios may result in cropping.

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